I was born and grew up in a small town in the north of Germany and already as a child I discovered my fondness for fantastic painted images that I found on covers of fantasy books and old records from my father's collection (YES, for example). From the beginning of my youth I also was amazed by painted covers of Heavy Metal albums (as well as by the music).

Even though then the foundations of my passion - painting - were laid, it would be several years until I tenaciously and keenly followed that route.

After finishing college for graphic design in Bremen (1995 - 1997) and going through an exclusively black and white phase of drawing, I started self-teaching painting with acrylics. During my training as a media designer in tehe prepress of a printhouse in Bremen I carried the hobby of painting and also did some first commissioned work for album covers for local bands.

After moving from Scheessel to Sottrum (both in lower Saxony) I joined the local culture initiative which organizes annual group exhibitions in which I have been participating since 2008 (and I also designed most of the flyers and billboards for the exhibitions since 2009). Further exhibitions followed, for example in the more generations home in Waffensen or during the "Centrum of art" in Bremen.

After Callas, an association for fantastic realism and new surrealism was founded, I joined and took part in their first group exhibition - along with the artist-group "Neue Meister".

Since 2006 I'm a fully professional self-employed artist and illustrator and have published many international cd, vinyl and book covers.

Aside from my commissions (predominantly for the music industry, working digitally with a Wacom tablet since a few years to save time) I still concentrate on my acrylic painting and realisation of my own ideas.

n this, my own crative work I try - with naturalistic expression - to implement a huge variety of topics and motifs. Some of my paintings can be understood as a symbolic prepresentation of current or general events (and my own thoughts and fears about them), while others are without an apparrent message. Whilst some of my paintings are the result of long thought out themes, others are created spontaniously, stating without a clear idea.

All of my works though, have one thing in common: I always try to push myself forward and increase my skills. For example, since 2006 I focus on more realistic lighting in my images and often place more than one source of light in my paintings.

Thanks to still having many unrealised ideas for further paintings, art will still play a very important role in my live.

Since 2014 I live in a small village 40 km east from Hamburg, where the surrouniding nature can inspire my work...